About us

Our philosophy

Since the company began in 2001, our business philosophy has been one of challenging the status quo and the industry conventions of chemical wastewater treatment. We find ways to innovate, to give our customers better value. We are in the business of developing our own ideas, creating new solutions and leading change.

This philosophy manifests in many ways, such as our industry-leading cost-efficient manufacturing process, the changes that we brought to treating dairy wastewater with DairyFlox®, and the exciting story we are now delivering to the mining industry with our OptiFlox® system.

We like to work on complex problems, where businesses are looking for additional operational and cost benefits. The answers we find create opportunities for significant business improvement.

Above all, our company is driven by the commitment to the principle of creating and sustaining a long-term relationship with our customers by delivering real value in performance and least-operating-cost treatment, through our innovative science and ongoing technical support.

Our products & technical support

Science Developments focuses exclusively on the research, development and manufacture of polymers for liquid-solids separation. We offer the MaxiFlox®, DairyFlox®, OptiFlox®, and BioFlox® range of coagulants and flocculants in both powder and liquid form to satisfy any specific clarification and or dewatering application.

Most importantly, our products are backed up with expert support from our technical personnel, with a combined experience of several decades in the field. We can determine the best chemistry for your particular application and assist you in optimising dosing and performance on-site.

Our facilities

Modern Laboratory

We operate a modern laboratory in Sydney to support our Research & Development program as well as to conduct problem-solving investigations to determine the best chemistry for our customers. We always welcome the opportunity to perform laboratory “work up” on samples from new wastewater or sludge challenges.

Unique Manufacturing Operation

Our products are manufactured in our own purpose-built reactors in Sydney using our unique polymerisation technologies. Unlike many of our competitors, who simply import a monomer and produce its homopolymer, we manufacture advanced copolymers for specific applications.

Quality is assured through our routine in-house analysis of raw materials and finished products using advanced techniques such as ATR-FTIR spectrometry and gas chromatography.

Technical Depth

We bring a significant depth of technical knowledge and understanding of the underlying chemistry of our chemical range as well as extensive experience and knowledge of wastewater treatment processes. This has been gained through our extensive R&D of monomers as well as the development of unique proprietary polymerisation technologies.

Our technical team regularly attend overseas conferences and undertake further education to keep up to speed with the latest technologies and advancements in the field.

Our Difference

This unique combination of proprietary R&D and specialised manufacturing gives two distinct benefits to our customers:

  1. Our highly efficient cost of manufacture means we can deliver least-cost operating treatment over a sustained period of time.
  2. We can develop and manufacture new site-specific products in relatively short times.

ALFA Laval Australia Alliance

In 2014 we formed a strategic alliance with Alfa Laval Australia, a world leader in the field of decanter centrifuges for wastewater treatment. Within Australasia, Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges are widely used in industrial, mining and environmental wastewater treatment facilities.  To function efficiently,  decanter centrifuges require the use of polymers such as those supplied by Science Developments.

Next-generation technology for solids-liquid separation in mining, water and wastewater