Sewage treatment

Coagulants and flocculants specifically designed for the treatment of wastewater and sludge in sewage and biological applications

This range is available in both powder and liquid form and in a variety of targeted molecular weights and charge densities. These advanced polymers enable cost and performance optimisation by:

  • Increasing the rate and extent of gravitational settling in clarifiers
  • Increasing the solids concentration of the waste sludge stream
  • Achieving maximum sludge dewatering in filter presses and centrifuges

The Science Developments difference – Improving performance and lowering chemical treatment costs in dewatering sewage sludge

Our business philosophy of achieving innovation and challenging the conventional is well demonstrated through our developments in sewage treatment.

Recognising the increasing pressure on councils’ and water authorities’ operating budgets, we have developed a new approach that reduces chemical treatment costs of dewatering sewage sludge by up to 20%. Our approach is very simple, requires no capital investment and does not compromise either centrate/filtrate quality or dry solids content of the sludge cake. This chemistry is applicable to both centrifuges and belt presses. For information about how this is achieved, please contact us and we will send details and case studies.

Expertise & technical support

We bring a significant depth of technical knowledge of underlying chemistry and wastewater treatment processes. This has been gained through our extensive in-house R&D of monomers and unique proprietary polymerisation technologies, as well as through our technical representatives’ extensive experience in the field solving wastewater treatment problems. We provide:

  • Expertise to determine the best chemistry for your specific application
  • Ongoing support in optimising dosing and performance on-site, and
  • Operator training.

Alfa Laval Australia Alliance

In 2014 we formed a strategic alliance with Alfa Laval Australia, a world leader in the field of decanter centrifuges for wastewater treatment. Within Australasia, Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges are widely used in industrial, mining and environmental wastewater treatment facilities. To function efficiently, decanter centrifuges require the use of polymers such as those supplied by Science Developments.

Next-generation technology for solids-liquid separation in mining, water and wastewater