The BioFlox® range of polymers is specifically designed for the treatment of wastewater and sludges in the sewage treatment sector. These advanced polymers enable cost and performance optimisation across the following areas:

Sludge dewatering for filter presses, belt presses and centrifuges

Gravitational settling in clarifiers and thickeners

Solids concentration of waste sludge streams

Filtrate/centrate clarification of waste sludge streams

Our range

BioFlox® products are supplied in both liquid and powder form across a tageted range of molecular weights and charge densities to practically solve any sewage treatment challenge. Products include:

  • BioFlox® organic liquid coagulants (based on synthetic organic monomers & naturally occurring polysaccharides)
  • BioFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant emulsions
  • BioFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant powders

Expertise & technical support

We bring a significant depth of technical knowledge of underlying chemistry and wastewater treatment processes. This has been gained through our extensive in-house R&D of monomers and unique proprietary polymerisation technologies, as well as through our technical representatives’ extensive experience in the field solving wastewater treatment problems.

BioFlox® innovation

Lowers chemical treatment costs by up to 20%

By challenging conventional chemical treatment practices, we have developed a new approach that reduces chemical treatment costs of dewatering sewage sludge by 20%. Our approach is very simple, requires no capital investment and does not compromise either the filtrate clarity or dry solids content of the sludge cake. This chemistry is applicable for both decanter centrifuges and belt presses.

For information about how it works and some case studies, please contact us.

Next-generation technology for solids-liquid separation in mining, water and wastewater