DairyFlox® is our range of polymers specifically developed for the dairy sector. They were developed through an eight-year R&D program to provide a less costly, safer and greener method for treating dairy wastewater. DairyFlox® has application in wastewater treatment in dairy product manufacture:

Milk, cream, butter & yogurt processors

Milk powder manufacturing

Cheese manufacturing

Ice cream manufacturing

Our range

DairyFlox® products are supplied in both liquid and powder form across a comprehensive range of molecular weights and charge densities to practically solve any dairy challenge. Products include:

  • DairyFlox® organic liquid coagulants (based on synthetic organic monomers & naturally occurring polysaccharides)
  • DairyFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant emulsions
  • DairyFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant powders

Expertise & technical support

Having developed this specialist dairy chemistry and worked with the leading dairy groups in Australia and New Zealand for almost 20 years, we can bring an unrivalled depth of technical knowledge, support and practical in-field assistance to your dairy wastewater challenges.

Why DairyFlox® is better

By treating dairy factory wastewater at neutral pH instead of the conventional “acid splitting” technique at pH 4-5, DairyFlox® can deliver the following benefits.

  • Cost savings via the significant reduction (and at times elimination) of acid and alkali usage
  • Cost savings via the reduction of sludge volumes. Importantly, DairyFlox® chemistry produces a much dryer sludge – typically about 18%-22% dry solids content straight off the DAF plant. This means that sludge volumes are reduced by about 50% compared to traditional acid splitting, resulting in approximately 50% savings in sludge transport and disposal costs.
  • Cost savings via lower water quality charges in final discharge to sewer
  • Significantly less salts in your final effluent via the reduction of acids and alkali
  • Reduced risk of environmental incidents
  • Improved operator safety through less exposure to dangerous goods

Our products consist primarily of copolymers of natural polysaccharides and synthetic organic compounds. We manufacture advanced copolymers for dairy applications at our Sydney factory using purpose-built equipment. This highly efficient cost of manufacture translates to lower operating treatment costs.

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