OptiFlox® is our range of polymers specifically tailored for the treatment of process water and wastewater in the mining and minerals sector.

New leading-edge technology

The OptiFlox® range features not only an extensive range of chemistry but also our patent pending technology. This new proprietary technology offers the following benefits:

Product recovery of valuable mineral resources is more cost- and operationally-efficient

Losses in productivity and revenue caused by inadequate wastewater clarification in tailings thickeners is minimised

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Leading chemistry

OptiFlox® products are available in both liquid and powder form across an extensive range of molecular weights and charge densities to address any mining issue.

  • OptiFlox® organic liquid coagulants (based on synthetic organic monomers & naturally occurring polysaccharides)
  • OptiFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant emulsions
  • OptiFlox® cationic & anionic flocculant powders
  • OptiFlox® mud solidification polymers

Expertise & technical support

We bring a significant depth of technical knowledge of underlying chemistry and wastewater treatment processes. This has been gained through our extensive in-house R&D of monomers and unique proprietary polymerisation technologies, as well as through our technical representatives’ extensive experience in the field solving wastewater treatment problems.

Next-generation technology for solids-liquid separation in mining, water and wastewater